Briefly about the project

In 2015, Aleksey Chashkin and Nikolay Pavlov won a financial aid from The Vladimir Potanin Foundation for their non-profit project 'Health Agents Against Stroke'.

Did the team manage to achieve the desired results?

We are happy with the impact the project managed to make (at least, locally in Research center of neurology) and the experience we were gifted.

We held an event for young doctors involved in-patient medical care at Research Center of Neurology.

We also represented the project at Moscow Brain Ecology Conference in 2015.

However, we were not able to met all milestones.

When we launched the project, one of our creative ideas was to deliver the stroke risk calculator to the website visitors. What we did not realize at that point is that one of the key partners of Research center of neurology, Prof. V. Feigin launched his own risk calculator not so long ago. His product was strict to mobile application, and its distribution among potential users had vague strategy. However, considering political issues we chose not to compete for potential clients and decided to limit the project deliverables only to awareness-building online and offline materials.

How did the team promoted the project in public?

At least one article at Philanthropist online magazine (in Russian) is still available for reading.

Is the website still functioning?

We do not plan to make any future progress. However, our website is still up (as for March 19th, 2020).

This article about the project is not finished yet.